Harajuku girl for a day Part 1 - What I saw, what I ate, where I shopped.

May 21, 2018 Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

I'm still working on blog posts from my Tokyo trip last year, and I think I'm almost making a dent. I have SO many pictures and videos to go through...I start working on blog posts, and then I get distracted and start researching what I would do on a future Tokyo trip! I think I've finally compiled enough for part one of my adventures in Harajuku. These are all of the places I went to, places I ate, and a little peak into the coolest vintage clothing store I've ever been to!

I knew this place was a fashion and culture mecca for Japan, but I wasn't quite ready for everything I saw and experienced. It was truly magical. I spent most of my time on Takeshita Street (below).

The Totti Candy Factory

Honestly, no Harajuku trip is complete without a rainbow cotton candy from this place. They also have candies, cake pops, and other desserts. Make sure you carry some hand wipes when you go to Harajuku, because you WILL need them after eating this!

BASIC Harajuku girl.

Santa Monica Crepes

Crepes are a big thing in Harajuku, and I'm not sure this is the best place to get them, but this is where I went. My family & I got crepes here and they were all delicious! I got a strawberry shortcake one. 

Actual food that is not dessert or cotton candy.

So if you have my kind of cute kawaii taste, you'll be in Harajuku all day...so, you need actual food to wash all that candy down. This place is called Hanamaru Udon and is almost hidden, but if you see the sign, you'll walk down some stairs to get to it. They have delicious udon bowls, which are perfect if you visit in the winter like I did. They also have various tempura vegetables and shrimp.   

Kinji - aka Vintage Clothing HEAVEN

I can't rave enough about this place. This is located in a building off of Meiji-dori Street, which is right before you get to Takeshita Street. So many amazing vintage clothing for men & women, jewelry, shoes, and accessories, and all at great prices!

But like, seriously. LOOK at all of this perfection!

See that calm face...don't be fooled. I was internally screaming. I ended up buying this hat and I wore it for the rest of the day!

So much beautiful plaid.

Lots of Docs and the cutest Disney jackets!


If you've ever marveled at how many awesome shops are in places like LA or New York City...nothing like that compares to the cute shops here. I'm shocked I only took a few pictures and they were only really of the vintage toys they displayed on the upper shelves. Almost all of the shops are like this, and I love it! They are of course stocked with cute, colorful clothing and accessories. On Takeshita Street, visit the building where the Disney Store is...you can thank me later.

Kawaii Monster Cafe

So this might be cheating, because I actually did not eat here. I devoured that udon bowl and tempura, so I was full when I got here. But, I did go inside (costs ¥500 to just walk inside) and it was totally worth it! 

This place is an absolute feast for the eyes! Every inch of this place is decorated, shiny, colorful, and just amazing.

Unicorn bust surrounded by baby bottles. I mean...

Kawaii chandy candy. 

This was the greeter's outfit.

Harajuku at night.

It's beautiful, and I wish I had more time to take some pretty night shots...but your girl was tired! I never truly understood the term "Shop until you drop" until I visited Harajuku.

Part 2 of Harajuku is coming soon with more amazing shops, food, art, and Japanese history! Until next Tokyo Tuesday...

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