The Tower of Guardians

July 25, 2017 Disney's California Adventure, CA

I just visited Disneyland last month after not having been in about 7 years. I had a blast, took about 3,000 pics, ate the best Disney treats, had a private tour guide, and rode some new rides. One included Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout, and I honestly loved it way more than I thought I would! I like the movies, and Groot of course, but this ride is pretty spectacular!

This was one of the funnest meet & greets I've had in a while by the way! I was chosen for the Groot dance y'all.

Now, I love the Tower of Terror on the east coast, but I was okay with saying goodbye to it here. I feel like the Guardians theme fits very well in this area of the California Adventure.

As some of you may know, I'm a huge EPCOT fan and I'm not totally thrilled about Guardians taking over the Universe of Energy, but I might be okay with it if and I mean only if the main theme of the ride still fits in with the concept of EPCOT. If the Imagineers can make it happen and do it right... I would be okay with it. Oh, and there also must be dinosaurs in the collection for me to be okay with it. I do have to say, I let out a huge sigh of relief after seeing the concept art for the ride using the same architecture from the pavilion with a handsome Groot standing to greet everyone!

Loving the queue details.

Being the nostalgic Disney geek that I am, I was excited to see Tivan's collection, especially Figment...which you can sorta see in the top in the photo at the left. Most of the items are Marvel related, so they kinda went over my head, but others include an invoice from the ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter from the Magic Kingdom, Delores the Octopus from the Country Bear Vacation Hoedown at Disneyland, remnants of Tom Morrow, and in the third photo (kinda hidden) is an item that was designed and handmade by Imagineer Joe Rohde.

This is the Crystal of Conquest from Doctor Strange. Yeah, I had to Google this because I know NOTHING about Marvel, or comic books, or anything non-Disney related. But it does looks pretty and shiny right?!

(More Marvel things I know nothing about.)

Sometimes I honestly think Rocket is way more cuter than Groot...and I wish he had his own cute merch like Groot.

My absolute FAVORITE artifact was the OG Matterhorn Yeti! So many times he terrorized me as a child on the Skyway.

As for the actual wasn't too much different than before, to me anyways...just with a different theme and better music! 

As for the merch, I give it an A- (only because it could seriously use some cute Rocket stuff too!) But I love the Groot cup!

I can definitely say I'm a huge fan of this ride! I wasn't expecting a lot, mostly because I'm not a big Marvel fan, but I felt like this theme really brings more energy and fun to the park! Hopefully it will literally bring energy into the Universe of Energy as well. I'm still crossing my fingers though.

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