My Disney Favorites | The Mid-Century Fabulous and Mary Blair Inspired California Grill

January 18, 2014

As you already know from previous posts, the Contemporary is one of my favorite Disney resorts for many reasons. It's the design, location, food, cozy beds, and just pure ambiance. But I've always wondered what was up with the loud 90s decor of the California Grill. It had everything else going for it, like great food and an amazing view, it just wasn't cohesive with the rest of the resort. After a huge face lift, I can now call this place my favorite Disney restaurant.
I'm totally obsessed with the Contemporary, especially the old 70s decor, like the bright reds and funky geometric prints. This design almost goes back to that, using warm colors and mid-century design elements that existed when it first opened.

The always breathtaking sunset over the Seven Seas Lagoon. *sigh*

Ok, so the electric candles have an anti-theft device inside of them. They must be pretty shnazzy!

As soon as you emerge from the elevator, all you can see are these modern, floor to ceiling almost, wine and champagne refrigerators. Stunning!

The chandeliers are absolutely to die for. I mean seriously, they are. They sort of remind me of champagne bubbles!

I'm really glad that they kept the open kitchen layout from the old 90s version. I enjoyed watching the chefs bustle around.

The bar is beautiful as well, with a really interesting circular cut-in ceiling.

I don't know why, but I love this steel champs holder and the round waitress tray compartment. Disney never misses a modern detail.

One of my favorite things about this resort is the involvement of Mary Blair and her Grand Canyon Concourse mural. You can see her influence everywhere in this restaurant, especially in this fun and bright carpet.

If you walk towards the right side of the hotel, you will see a small dining room will a little tribute to the amazing Mary Blair. There are prints that resemble the carpet and some other gorgeous designs of hers.

There are also a few photographs of her, some showing her sketching, but I love the ones of her in South America from the Goodwill Tour.

I'm not sure if this credenza is vintage, probably not, but it is a dream! So is that fabulous lamp on the left!

A Passion Fruit Margarita? Yes please!

Here's the yummy oven-dried tomato flat bread that we had for an appetizer.

I've always loved their sushi, so I ordered the California Combination Roll, and it was delicious! Especially that red sauce on the left. I don't know what it was, but it was great!

The walkway to the rooftop access had this gorgeous wooden mural on it, making me think of something Mary Blair and Walt Disney would've seen while traveling through South America!

Here's another wooden design by the bathrooms.

I snuck into the special event dining area to take a couple pics!

I hope you've enjoyed my favorite Disney restaurant and it's amazing new design. What's your favorite Disney restaurant?

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