The Kitschy Retro Holiday Decor of the Jingle Cruise at WDW

December 11, 2013

I'm always extremely jealous of Disneyland during the holiday season. It just makes me a little irritated that here at Walt Disney World we can't enjoy things like Space Mountain's Ghost Galaxy, It's A Small World Holiday, and my favorite, the Haunted Mansion Holiday. I've heard that the reasoning behind this is because supposedly more people come from all over the world to WDW and expect to see the classic rides, and more locals tend to visit Disneyland. Sorry, but I highly disagree with Disney. 

I have to say, I was a little happy to see that they revamped the Jungle Cruise into a Christmas themed version called the Jingle Cruise. Hey, I guess I have to take what I can get right? It doesn't compare to Jack Skellington taking over the Haunted Mansion, but I really did enjoy it.

Most of the decor was inside the wait queue, and it was very retro-kitschy-tropical. In some areas, it seemed like they just kinda randomly placed holiday looking things everywhere, but there were a few areas that looked amazing.

Here are a few examples of the placement of random holiday decorations everywhere... poinsettia here, candy cane there, and garland here...

This is the one area I really loved, mostly because I'm just obsessed with retro and vintage Christmas decorations. This silver tinsel tree is gorgeous, and if you look closely underneath it, you can see one of those old color wheels. I am a little annoyed that they didn't shine it onto the tree though. That would have been awesome.

This is that little boat house right across from where you load onto the boats. 

The skipper on our boat was actually pretty hilarious. Normally they just tell the same goofy jokes and everyone semi-laughs.

And here's the witch doctor selling some Christmas gifts.

The Jingle Cruise was cute and adorable for the holiday season here at Walt Disney World, and I'm hopeful this addition will maybe inspire Disney to bring more holiday inspired attractions to WDW. I definitely think we could use a Haunted Mansion Holiday! 

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