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December 23, 2013

Happy last monday before Christmas! I can't believe there's only 2 more days left, and that it's almost 2014! I seriously feel like it's still July, especially with the weather being humid and in the 70s. Yuck! Anyways, today I thought I would share another Disney Favorite and this really is a good one. There are so many different holiday events happening at the Disney parks, but my favorite holiday event is The Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights at the Hollywood Studios. 

This is just so amazing and fun, I can't even begin to explain this event. Recently, a few people I know have visited Walt Disney World for the holidays and non of them had heard of The Osborne Lights. Of course I insisted that this was definitely a must do! If you haven't heard of it, The Osborne Lights were originally started by an Arkansas family who decorated their house for Christmas for their six-year-old daughter. They added more and more each year, until it became so big that it got attention of numerous news stations and many of their neighbors sued the family for the congestion of traffic that the decorations caused. Fortunately for the family, this gained national news and attention of the Walt Disney Company. They offered to showcase the family's decorations in the Streets of America in the Hollywood Studios (MGM Studios back then), and it became a huge success.

The lighting of the Osborne Lights begins every evening right as the sun sets. This entire show takes me back to being a kid... back when my family and I would grab some hot chocolate and jump in the car, crank up the Christmas music, and drive around the neighborhoods to look at Christmas decorations.

It's always fun looking for hidden Mickey's throughout the parks, and you can look for them here too. 

Oh, and to top off the amazingness of this place, there's fake snow. I am wowed every time by fake snow!

I hope you enjoyed another holiday Disney Favorite! For your next Disney vacation during the holidays, always make sure to stop by the Hollywood Studios, hot cocoa or cappuccino in hand, and be ready to enjoy some classic holiday fun at the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights!

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