Holiday Decor and a Mary Blair Inspired Gingerbread House at Disney's Contemporary Resort

December 12, 2013

I absolutely love visiting Disney during the holidays... it's like being on a Magic high overload! The parks are always beautifully decorated, but my favorite decorations are always at the hotels. When visiting Walt Disney World during the holiday season, I highly recommend Disney hotel hopping. Each one is decorated in its own unique and lavish style. One of my favorite hotel decorations is at the Contemporary Resort.

Out of all the hotels, this one probably has the least decorations, but then again it's the Contemporary Resort were talking about, and it's known for being very minimalist in design. The huge Mickey Mouse wreath displayed on the side windows is so simple, but is always so gorgeous to see during the holidays!

Most of the decor in the lobby consists of pretty reds & golds, and contrasts very well with the dark blues and lime greens of the walls and furniture.

This monorail tree sculpture was on display a few years ago, and I just thought it looked so pretty here, especially at night!

Here I am at the Mary Blair gingerbread house set-up by the Grand Canyon Concourse. I'm a huge Mary Blair fan, so of course this is my favorite gingerbread house out of all the hotels! And how cool is it that they have the toy soldiers that are almost identical to the ones in the parade?! I couldn't resist a picture with them!

The above photo is from a few years ago, possibly 2009 or 2010 maybe? And the photo below is from last year. I think I like the one above with the snow on the gingerbread tree!

It's amazing to think about how many pounds of different ingredients were used to create this large gingerbread tree! 

You can purchase gingerbread cookies and snacks here too, and this photo above is when they made cookies that resembled the children from "It's A Small World." How cute are they? Below are the mini Contemporary gingerbread houses with a white chocolate monorail going through it!

Stay posted for more Disney Holiday posts and hopefully I'll get around to showing off my Christmas decor from my house!

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