Friday Randomness | Party Rockin' at Stitch's Club 626 in Tomorrowland

December 13, 2013

Happy Friday the 13th! I was originally planning on posting something holiday related, but I stumbled upon these images and couldn't help myself. I'm sure everyone visiting the Magic Kingdom at night has walked by Stitch's Club 626 (usually featuring some random DJ/host, Stitch, Chip, and Dale), and thought, wow that looks pretty lame. You may even make fun of the silly kids running around, or the pre-teens actually thinking they're dancing but really just looking stupid. BUT, did you ever think that maybe this could be kinda fun and, hey, I'm at Disney so who cares if I look ridiculous, right?! I could've thought that if I would've had maybe three more drinks at the California Grill on this night, but I didn't. So here's a little dramatization of what could have happened...

Yeah, we look like super dorks. Although, they did play "Gangnam Style" while we were down there and I was so wanting to bust out some dance moves with Chip and Dale! In one of my photos below, you can see Stitch, Chip, and Dale on stage, but they do actually come out into the audience to dance with everyone. Unfortunately, they get swarmed by kids.

And here's that futuristic beauty shop lady from that one part during the Peoplemover, just because she's awesome! Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

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