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December 20, 2013

There's only 4 more days left until Christmas, and I finally think I've put up the very last of my Christmas decor, I hope! I just keep finding the cutest stuff, I can't help it. I thought I would share some photos of my Christmas decor this year, all inspired by vintage treasures, my Mother's style, and my Grandmother's retro Christmas decorations.

Growing up, my family and I lived all over the place. My grandparents and relatives all lived in Florida, so we would always come stay with my Grandma for Christmas. Back home, my Mother would always put up a fancy Christmas tree for our living room with new and pretty decorations from the department stores. But at my Grandmother's house, her tree was the classic green tree, covered in multi-colored (non LED) lights, a blinking star atop the tree, and always dripping in these amazing hand-made ornaments, vintage blown glass ornaments, and miscellaneous ornaments collected over the years. Oh yeah, and the occasional fake apples, wooden ornament gems from Germany, and those fabulous satin thread ball ornaments. 

Now that I have my own home, I take inspiration from both my Mom and Grandmother, and then adding a few crazy touches of my own in the mix! Like the fact that I have 3 full size Christmas trees sitting in my home now!

In my living room, a classic 8.5' green tree dominates the room, and is covered in all of the wonderful ornaments and lights that remind me of my Grandmother's tree. I actually have a couple of her own ornaments on my tree, but most I have found at estate and garage sales, thrift stores, and antique stores. In my search for retro ornaments, I've developed an obsession with Shiny Brite ornaments. It's more of a sickness really. The round wreath made out of blown glass ball ornaments was made by me from an idea I saw on Pinterest. 

Here's a quick peek at my retro fabulous ornaments...

This is one of my favorites, a Mid-Century style wooden ornament made in Germany and depicts Mary, Joseph, and Jesus in the manger. Gorgeous!

My aunt gave me this amazing elf tree topper from the 50s or 60s. It still works perfectly, blinking white, red, and green lights!

Taking inspiration from my Mom, I have a "fancy" white tree in the front of my house, with aqua/teal, silver, and white ornaments. These ornaments are all new, actually purchased mostly from Dillard's after Christmas when they mark everything down to nothing! I'm hoping to go there this year for a newer and taller white tree. As you can see, this one is a few years old and almost standing sideways.

I actually made these cute little snowflakes and the silver ball/starburst clusters are from Walmart! 

I'm in love with the old ceramic Christmas trees with the glass lights. My Grandmother didn't have one of these, but I believe one of my family members had one and I always thought they were beautiful!

My mom made these adorable Christmas trees in these little teacups and she sells them in her antique booth! They fit perfectly with my vintage decor.

These two elves are probably the best Goodwill find I've ever had! How stinkin' cute are they?

And for my kitchen, let's have a kitchen themed tree with food related Nutcrackers! Yes!

This is a little homage to my Grandmother, because she always had these blue candles in her windows and always used these retro looking tins to decorate with for Christmas!

The last tree of our tour is the silver tinsel tree in the master bedroom. Most of these ornaments are Disney inspired, but all are blown glass. I hope you enjoyed my Christmas decorations!


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