Talking Arts and Crafts with Rapunzel in Epcot's World Showcase

November 15, 2013

During my last trip, Erin & I ran into Rapunzel near the United Kingdom and France Pavilions in Epcot. I've seen her many times in the parades, but hadn't had the chance to meet her until now! I love Tangled, and Rapunzel has climbed up to my list of favorite princesses for sure. This girl definitely did Rapunzel justice, and was probably the most animated and funny characters I've met in a long time!

I was wearing my Ariel inspired Mickey ears that day, and had gotten so many compliments on them! Rapunzel was a fan as well, and immediately had to inspect the fabric, ribbon, and the breakdown of my little DIY ears! I told her I'd send her an invite when my Etsy store opens in the future!

We had a good little convo for around 5 minutes or so, about fabrics, arts & crafts, and such! She was also intrigued by my Minnie Mouse Harvey's bag, not having been introduced to seatbelt fabric in her kingdom yet.

Rapunzel was so amazing, and definitely in perfect character. As we were both leaving, she kind of chased us a little, yelling out "Goodbye, I'll see you soon!" about 3 times! Love her. 

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