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October 1, 2013

One of my previous Disney Favorites posts was on one of my favorite hotels, Walt Disney World's Dolphin Resort, which you can read here. But, I just can't choose one favorite hotel...I have two. My other favorite is Walt Disney World's Contemporary Resort.

I'll admit, I have only stayed here once, but as a child, I always loved riding the monorail through this hotel. I've always thought it was the neatest thing! To be able to wake up, walk down the hall past Mary Blair's gorgeous mural, jump onto the monorail, and boom, you're in the Magic Kingdom! How cool is that?!

As you know, I love mid-century and modern style design. I think that's why I was always drawn to this place as a kid. The architecture is amazing, and the interior is basically everything I love: lucite lighting, turquoise, lime green, velvet fabric, and cute mid-century chairs! I had this hotel in my mind when decorating my own house, especially the color scheme of my bathroom. 

Here's a close up of the gorgeous lighting in the lobby!

I also am in love with the onyx countertops, pretty similar to the ones in the Dolphin Resort. I also love how they always have fresh orchid arrangements in the lobby as well.

Here's some photos from the Fantasia Shop and Bayview Gifts.

Here is the hallway that leads to some of the conference rooms. The carpet is super groovy.

Here's a good view of the Mary Blair mural next to the monorail, and if you look up in the top right corner, you can see the five-legged goat!
I really love the rooms at the Contemporary, even though it is such a modern hotel, it still feels comfy and warm. Speaking of comfy, the beds are amazing! Also, I've always heard different opinions about the noise from down below from either the monorail or the restaurants, but I didn't hear a thing. It could have possibly been the fact that I blast the AC at night!

I'll be showing photos of my master bedroom soon where I tried to replicate this vase set-up.

Here's some hidden Mickey's in the fabric of the sofa by the window.

My favorite part of the hotel room is the bathrooms. I mean, seriously? Totally gorgeous. I felt like a movie star every morning putting on my make-up! The wallpaper is a really pretty mid-century design, the modern sinks and faucets are Kohler I believe, and I found the mirrors on Amazon by a company called Kimball & Young.

If you ever have the opportunity to stay at the Contemporary Resort, I highly recommend it. I had always dreamed of staying here as a child, and it was every thing I had every hoped for and more! I'll definitely be showing more Contemporary Resort photos soon! Happy first day of October, and of course Happy Anniversary Walt Disney World! 

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