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October 7, 2013

It's already getting into the second week of October & I'm still getting my house ready for Halloween. This normally doesn't happen. I'm usually set before mid September. I've just been so busy with work and other things, and I had planned on putting some things out yesterday that are stored in our shed outside, but we had a hurricane, I mean storm named Karen that decided to stop by. So, that didn't happen! I decided instead of putting up pictures of my half decorated house, I would put up some older photos from Halloween over the past few years...
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I've always enjoyed decorating for Halloween and getting an amazing costume together! It may sound silly, but it's like an art to me. I get inspired by so many things, like movies, stories, eras, and of course, Disney has played a part too. The Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom is one of my favorite rides (you can read my post about it here), but the Disneyland version has had the most impact because of it's New Orleans theme. I love the ballroom scene, Madame Leota in the seance room, the haunted graveyard, the mystery of the Hatbox Ghost, then... mix that with some fabulous masks, top hats, boas, beads, velvet, and some vintage flare, and you've got my Halloween style!
Here's some gorgeous photos from the booklet in the Haunted Mansion record from back in the 60s. I love these, especially since it includes the hat box ghost! The one on the right is artwork by Marc Davis of the seance room.
A couple of years ago, I lived with my parents in their adorable French Provincial style house. It is too cute, and with the dark reds, golds, and antiques that my mom decorates with, it looks perfect with Halloween decor. We really used to go all out with outside decorating, a Halloween party, fog, strobe lights, an amazing dinner, a fire pit... everything! It was so much fun, and I love looking back at these photos to remind me of what an amazing time we all had together.
One of my favorite parts of the Halloween parties we would have was the food! It usually consisted of something warm, simple, and homestyle, like this shepherd's pie my mom made with some bread that resembled fingers. Yum!
Isn't my parents house super charming with the rod iron lighting and french doors along the front? It almost looks like something straight out of New Orleans Square in Disneyland!
The photo above is from a few years ago, and since then I've collected so many different gravestones, ghosts, and skeletons, it's not even funny. As you can see, I used to use the fake spider webs which I hated. Not because of the look, but because I'm deathly afraid of spiders, and it would always freak me out to take down the webs! 
One year, I made a pumpkin ghost scarecrow, which was so cool! 
These are my favorite gravestones that I got at a yard sale a few years back!
One year, my mom made this huge sign out of an old pillar and urn, and it really made the yard resemble the Haunted Mansion. The sign attached to the pillar is in reference to Yale Gracey, the imagineer who created the special effects for Disney's Haunted Mansion. *Thanks Yale for helping create one of the best rides ever!*
I've always loved the front doors of my parent's house. The ornate, vintage door hardware is amazing!
And here's the entryway and living room, decorated with dark candleholders, skulls, purple lights, boas, and even a little Halloween tree with ornaments I've collected over the years. Here's Max in the middle below, clearly appreciating my Halloween eccentrics.
Here's a closeup of some of my favorite ornaments. I love anything vintage with a folk art style, and I love the Day of the Dead candy skulls!
My mom and I have also been collecting vintage masks over the years, and some she has had since I was little. We always make sure to include them in the Halloween decor around the house, and here they are showcased on the wall with lights behind them, as if they weren't fabulous enough!
Here's more cute little folk art figures! 
In one of the french doors, I always tried to make a little seance room vignette with a crystal ball, beads, and candles. I was inspired to do this after visiting New Orleans a while back, and walking into one of the Voodoo shops. Word to the wise, don't bring a camera in one of those shops, because you WILL get kicked out! If you want a feel of some Voodoo, just watch the adorable Mama Odie in the Princess and the Frog, totally drama free!
Here's an awesome photo of my Mom and my Aunt in front of the fire pit!
I love this picture of my Uncle putting the fire together! 
And here's more photos of my amazing family from our Halloween parties! We always had so much fun, and hopefully we can all get together this Halloween. Stay posted for more Halloween photos, and hopefully I will be finished decorating soon!

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