Disney's Hollywood Studios | Citizens of Hollywood Pt. 1

October 21, 2013

I'm back! Sorry for taking a week off, but I am actually in Kentucky right now visiting Louisville, and tomorrow I'm heading to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I was born in Elizabethtown, KY and I later lived in Louisville for a few years as a kid, so it's been a good 18 years since I've been here. My Dad was nice enough to bring my mom and I back here, and we're loving it! I'm taking tons of pretty pics, so I'll definitely be posting a Kentucky/Tennessee post soon!

Today, I wanted to talk about the Streetmosphere characters at Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios, or the "Citizens of Hollywood" as most people know them. I absolutely love them! These kinds of performances and attractions, to me, are what makes Disney stand out above all other theme parks. The entrance to the Hollywood Studios is an ideal of what the actual Hollywood, CA probably looked like during the old Hollywood era, or maybe just what most people imagine it to look like. But instead of just dropping some well known Disney characters on the street for people to take photos with, there are directors, actors, aspiring actresses, Hollywood starlets, and talent agents along the streets. They put on shows, comedy acts, and even interact with the audience.

I'm pretty sure that each different "Citizen" is always played by the same cast member. It's fun to see them year after year on different trips. Above is Director Vladimir Pooey with Hollywood star Evie Starlight. I've seen both of them on numerous occasions, and they are probably my favorite! I think Vladimir is one of the older Citizens still performing.

I love Evie's vintage purple ensemble! She almost resembles Marilyn Monroe, always real bubbly and sweet, and totally playing up the dumb blonde act, but I love her!

Here she is with aspiring actress Daisy Day, who is adorable as well. I think in this skit, they were competing for a lead role in one of Vladimir's films. Daisy was acting her booty off trying to get the role, and Evie was flirting away with Vladimir to get it too.

Performing right beside them was aspiring actor Bucky Greenhorn and Studios mogul Shelby Mayer next to him on the left. 

I've only seen the two of them together this once. Shelby usually drives around in a fancy streetcar with numerous characters, always with fancy rings on his fingers and cash hanging out of his suit. 

I wish I had got a better shot of this, but towards the end of their skit, Daisy and Evie walked by some of the police men at the front entrance. They began flirting with them, trying to convince them to follow them "backstage." The policemen were threatening to arrest them for disorderly conduct, but they kept carrying on. Hilarious! This probably wasn't even part of their skit, and that's what made it so cute!

I have tons of photos of these guys, and will be creating more posts for them soon. I'm also going to Walt Disney World in the next couple weeks so I will be collecting more images for posts (Yay!), so stick around!

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