The Tower of Terror | Disneyland's California Adventure

September 20, 2013

Today, let's venture out to Disneyland in California for change! I always have to ride the Tower of Terror, whether I'm at the California Adventure or at the Hollywood Studios. This version actually makes me think of Hollywood a little more than the Hollywood Studios version does, having a little bit more of a Spanish vibe to it, like most Southern California architecture does. The ride itself also has a special mirror effect before the elevation, then drops begin. You are able to wave to yourself in the elevator, then see yourself appear as a ghost, and then disappear!

I do miss the creepy female sculptures from the Hollywood Studios version.

The interior remains Spanish in style, but also very Art Deco, which I love, because I love the decor from that period. The stained glass and light fixtures are amazing, especially the large window in the front.

I think it's creepy and kinda cool how the painting above reminds me so much Salvador Dali. I wonder if that was intentional, since Disney and Dali worked together on Destino?

Loving the attention to detail in the lobby area, especially the Art Deco carvings on the wooden fixtures.

Once you are leaving the ride, you can see a few small little vignettes around the exit area, like this one with a few vintage cameras. Now, take a close look at those two brownie cameras in the middle. I see a familiar shape... It's a hidden Mickey!

What would a post about the Tower of Terror be without a Typical Ridiculous Ride Photo? A lame one! So here's my dad (to my left, kinds looks like Hulk Hogan) and I back in the Summer of 2010. I feel bad for the people I blocked out with my arms. Sorry guys. I love how everyone is either stocked, scared out of their pants, or just being goofy... not my dad. He's like, " Yeah, so we're free-falling a few stories in an elevator. So what?" 

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