The Fantasyland Expansion | Seven Dwarf's Mine Train

September 12, 2013

I posted last week about the now extinct Snow White's Scary Adventures, and I thought I would share some pictures of the construction going on right now in Fantasyland for the Seven Dwarf's Mine Train. Like I said, I'm very sad Snow White is gone, but I am very hopeful for this unique new attraction. I also just love seeing construction of new attractions and hotels at Disney! It's just so exciting to see the breakdown of everything, and how it's all put together.

Here's a little peek into the ride! Disney claims this isn't a thrill ride, but I'm loving this corkscrew part of the coaster they're building. 

Here's the back of it, near the Be Our Guest restaurant. 

I can't tell what this is, maybe building material, but it looks like some kind of mining equipment that could possibly be a prop in the ride. This is what I love about seeing construction! I'm really hoping for some kind of scene like these below, with the Dwarfs in the mine with jewels and diamonds! Just sayin,' that would be kinda cool.

I can't wait for this ride to open in 2014, and I really hope it brings a fresh, new (possibly a little thrilling?) take on Snow White's Scary Adventures. The Magic Kingdom desperately needs another heavy traffic and popular ride, and I hope this one is it. Everything else that has come out of the new Fantasyland Expansion has been amazing and gorgeous, so I doubt we will be disappointed! Only a year left!

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