My Parent's Walt Disney World Honeymoon | Walt Disney World September 1982

September 26, 2013

Today is my parent's 31st Anniversary, and I thought I would celebrate here on my blog today! They are the two most amazing people in my life, and I love them so much for all that they have given and done for me throughout my life. My parents were also the ones who pretty much started this whole obsession with Disney for me. After they got married here in Northwest Florida, they drove down to Orlando to visit Walt Disney World in September of 1982.

I've absolutely loved looking at these pictures throughout the years. My Mom and Dad were pretty good photographers I must say, capturing some really great shots of the park and some of the rides. I always loved to look at these photos and see how so many things have changed over the years at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. It has always fascinated me! The sea serpent topiary is really beautiful, and there were so many trees planted in the Magic Kingdom back in the 80s, I love it!

I love this version of Mickey Mouse! This is the one I know from my childhood, and will always have a place in my heart.

I love this picture of my Dad with Goofy, hilarious! They're too cute. It's funny how Goofy hasn't really changed much over the years.

My Mom is adorable here on Main Street, nothing much has changed here... she still always has a diet coke in hand no matter what the occasion. This shot is really interesting if you look around for a bit. First off, I'm loving the cast member to the left in the peach striped shirt and short shorts. The 80s were so stylish. Then, look behind him and you can see the old House of Magic, which sold all kinds of unique gifts and corny gags. I believe this is now a plush and T-shirt shop. You can also see by the blue and white drapes on the lamp posts that the Magic Kingdom is still celebrating their 10 year anniversary.

I wish Italian Pluto would hang out on Main Street more often!

And here's some really pretty retro Magic Kingdom parade photos...

Here's my Mom sitting in front of what is now the Partner's Statue. I love the statue there now, but I also love these trees! I wish they would do this again one day, I guess maybe they thought it blocked Cinderella's Castle?

My Dad is a buffet connoisseur, and I'm only assuming from this shot that they indulged in some Crystal Palace on this trip. Who can blame him, this place is awesome!

My Dad with either Tweedledee or Tweedledum? Not sure, but the kids look kind of scared and confused by the B-list character. Poor guy! If you look real closely, you can see my Dad holding an old EPCOT Center brochure. 

I'm so happy they took a photo of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea while they were there. This ride ended up being my favorite, and always a must do for every trip. Now it is just a memory, but it will always be my top favorite ride of all time, but we'll get into that on another blog post later.

EPCOT Center opened officially on October 1st, 1982, BUT my parents were very lucky that they unofficially opened it for select guests while on their trip. Pretty cool! Here's my Dad at the China Pavilion. 

Here's my Dad in front of the statue in the Italy Pavilion. I'm not sure where it is located here, but now it has been relocated to the back next to Via Napoli.

Here's where my parent's first realized how freakin' big EPCOT is. Like put on your cozy walkin' shoes big. No joke. My Dad looks pooped here!

My Dad in his retro EPCOT Center hat.

And, I'm just going to end this with a beautiful shot of the World Showcase as the sun was setting. Gorgeous. Happy 31st Anniversary Mom and Dad! I love you guys so much!

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