Macaron Love | Ladurée in NYC and Les Halles Boulangerie and PâtisserieIn Epcot

September 17, 2013

I've been struggling with something pretty serious this past year... an obsession with learning how to make macarons. I love to bake, and I just recently tried macarons for the first time, and fell in love. Now, as any normal girl would do, I got on my computer, picked a pretty simple macaron recipe from Pinterest, and said, "Yeah sure, I can do that!" But when I pulled my first batch out of the oven, I said, "Yeah no. I can't do this crap!" I still have a lot of practice to do, but in the meantime, let's visit two amazing places with delicious macarons!

This past March, one of my best friends Tara and I went to New York City to eat, shop, see a Broadway show... but pretty much all we did was eat! There are so many great places to eat there, it's insane. Tara own's a dessert company called Sweet As Bliss based out of San Diego, CA (she's amazing, so go check her out), and some places she wanted to visit were different bakeries and dessert shops. While walking around in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, she introduced me to Ladurée, a macaron shop based out of Paris. Wow.

The whole shop looks like a scene out of Sophia Copola's Marie Antoinette, which is one of my favorite movies. I love the macaron towers all over the store!

With every purchase, they wrap it in the prettiest bags, tissues, and ribbons. I felt so fancy!

They mainly sell macarons, but they also sell different gifts like jams, candles, cards, stationary, and a few Hello Kitty gifts. Be ready so spend some crazy money, because everything is kind of pricey, but the macarons are so worth it!


I bought a jar of jam as a gift, and Tara and I both got a box of macarons each. I kid you not, this was a cold, rainy day in NYC, but that didn't stop us from standing on the side of the street inhaling these macarons. No, I seriously ate every single one! They were that good!

So, if you are ever in NYC or lucky enough to go to a shop in Europe, please go by this place and get some macarons. You will not be disappointed!

Another great place to get macarons and other desserts is the Les Halles Boulangerie and Pâtisserie in the France Pavilion at Epcot. They have just renovated this area, creating a larger space and adding sandwiches and other snacks to the menu. But I've always known them to have amazing desserts, especially macarons. I also love the chocolate/caramel mousse and of course the mimosas!

And here is a picture of my latest attempt at macarons, they're not amazing but not terrible either! It's the closest I'm going to get until I can go back to the France Pavilion at Epcot!

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