If You Can Dream It, You Can DIY | From Vintage Ceramic Christmas Trees Turned Black Halloween Trees!

September 25, 2013

Halloween is almost here, and I've already started putting out most of my decorations. I'm also trying to downsize a little because I'm obsessed with Halloween and Christmas, and I have way too much stuff in my garage and shed. I'm also trying to go with a more sophisticated look for my Halloween decor: cream colored pumpkins, black iron candle holders, and silver and orange accents. I discarded all of the cheesy neon spiders and skeletons that sing when you walk by! 

My favorite type of holiday decor is always the vintage kind! I love anything that reminds me of my childhood and from when I used to visit my grandparents during the holidays. I love the old ceramic Christmas trees, and I already have a gorgeous one that I put out at Christmas time. When I was a child, my grandparents had a white and blue one in their fabulously vintage, hollywood regency styled living room. I always thought it was the prettiest thing ever!

These are pretty hard to come by, especially in good condition and at a decent price. I bought my Christmas one at an estate sale a while back for only $1! This is a steal considering most of them I've seen at antique shops are at least $100. A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to find another one (above) for about $5 at an estate sale. It was missing a few lights and I had planned to just replace them, but then I had a genious idea! Since I love Halloween so much, why not just spray paint it black to make a Halloween tree?!

So, I bought some clear lights at a shop on Etsy called Shady Lane Ceramics. Then I grabbed some plyers to get the old plastic multicolored lights out, some tape and a plastic bag to cover the electrical base, and some glossy black Rustoleum spray paint from Lowe's.

Don't you just love my tacky little spray paint table by the side of my house? I'm so classy!

Here's where I have prepped the tree, covering the electrical base and removed the old multicolored lights.

And the transformation begins...

And here it is finished in black gloss with white clear lights! Gorgeous!

My little kitty Binx kept following me around trying to chase the chord to the tree!

Here it is as the centerpiece on my breakfast table! I love it so much, and it adds just enough of a vintage look to my Halloween decor. I can't wait for Halloween and for the fall weather to begin! Check back for more Halloween decor to come real soon!

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