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August 29, 2013

I seem to always have a running list of my Disney favorites almost every trip I take. My favorite park, favorite restaurant, favorite ride, favorite place to get coffee, etc! Sometimes it changes when I try new restaurants and hotels, but the main things, like parks and rides have pretty much been the same since I was a kid. I will be sharing all of my favorite things to do and see at the Disney Parks here on my blog at least once a month. These are all subject to change whenever the Disney Imagineers decide to really create something awesome (which happens A LOT!), so stay posted! Anyways, I'm going to start with my favorite Disney hotel and I actually have two favorites. Sorry, I just couldn't pick one! One of my favorite Disney hotels is Disney's Dolphin Resort at Walt Disney World!

\To me, everything about this hotel is perfect! Its within walking distance to EPCOT, which is my favorite park...but we'll get to that later! You can walk to EPCOT from this hotel and visit the Beach Club or the Boardwalk Resorts on your way there, or take the Friendship Boats to Disney's Hollywood Studios. The restaurants and quick service locations are awesome, especially Shula's Steakhouse, Picabu, and The Fountain. There are also some restaurants I haven't tried yet that I want to very soon, like Il Mulino's Italian Restaurant and Kimonos Sushi. Yum! 

As a kid, I can remember driving by this hotel going to EPCOT. I guess it was the huge dolphin fish that really caught my eye. I always used to think, "Wow! Wouldn't it be so cool to stay there!" Maybe it reminded me of The Little Mermaid, which I loved back then. Who knows? 

The lobby of this hotel is gorgeous. It used to be pretty beachy at one time, but now its a little more eclectic to me. Its kind of like the Contemporary Resort meets the Beach Club meets the Polynesian... I love it! And its one of those hotels that have that signature smell, you know what I mean? When you walk into it, it always smells like the Dolphin! Its like they pump out "The Dolphin" scent through the A/C units like Soarin'.

I am absolutely OBSESSED with the crazy chandeliers and the onyx countertops in the lobby. Probably my favorite part of the decor.

They usually have really nice floral arrangements in the lobby. This one with rocks & succulents was from our most recent trip this July.

On the left is the hallway that takes you to Shula's, and on the right is the Mandara Spa. I always hope that one day I will refrain myself from going to the parks, sleep in, and then spend a few hours in this spa. A girl can dream right?

Down these elevators/stairs to the right is The Fountain, and it has great food & really yummy sundaes! Its when you really want Beaches and Cream at the Beach Club Resort, but don't really feel like walking over there!

More fun chandeliers! :)

I will soon do a post on my other favorite hotel, and of course many more of my Disney favorites! What is your favorite Disney hotel?

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